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Rep Overview
Rep baseball offers a higher level of competitiveness and requires a larger commitment level than recreational baseball. Players considering to make the jump to Rep baseball should be aware of the following:

Rep baseball is more expensive than little league due to umpire costs, league fees, tournaments and travel expenses.
There is no guarantee of playing time.
Competitive workouts will be run to select teams
Many players benefit from the increased level of competition, additional number of games and higher level of certified coaching that Rep baseball provides.

Tickets now Available Fundraiser at the RCTG Park in Ottawa on June 1st

Ottawa Champions vs Trois-Rivieres aigles @ RCgt Park in ottawa June 1st

Tickets are now available!

A portion of all tickets sales done thru Ottawa Valley Highlanders go back to the association. The day’s activities serve as a major fundraiser for the Ottawa Valley Highlanders Baseball Club, come out and support us and Ottawa Champions. 

Ottawa Champions host the Trois-Rivieres Aigles 

@ RCGT park in Ottawa

June 1, 2019

First pitch at 7:05 pm

Adult Tickets $15

Youth Tickets $10

Children under 5 are Free

Tickets availble thru any member of the Ottawa Valley Highlanders or via the link below. 


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